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"This promises to provide a highly sensitive continuous playing surface that responds to multiple dimensions of touch, giving you greater levels of expression."

"Erae Touch also supports MPE and MIDI 2.0, making it ideal for the latest generation of musical instruments and plug-ins."


Erae Touch's active display allows you to have fully customizable sound that fits your style perfectly.

Use our Assisted Composition to select scales and display auto chord selection. 


With over 1000 sensors, and our super low latency, Erae Touch's soft-silicone multitouch display adds pressure sensitivity and truly allows you to put yourself into your music.

Every press, lift and slide is reflected in your sound.


Erae Touch works with your existing DAWs and synths to provide a fully versatile experience for every user.

Use your fingers to play or even use your drum sticks - Erae Touch works with you to make great music.


Our large 18 inch playable surface helps effectively control all music software and hardware synthesisers. 

Customizable Elements

Erae Touch can be fully customized to adapt to your work style:

"You can quickly recall presets, templates, and other settings. So the Erae is meant to be played live, not just a fancy studio tool."

"Continuous modulation evolves on all three dimensions at extremely low latency and wide-ranging dynamics levels."

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